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Our Process

Our approach centers on you. We follow natural, progressive steps in developing a plan that adapts with the changes in your life.


Understanding your unique relationship with money and what matters most to you is key for our work together. We start with an initial meeting to assess your current financial situation and to explore your values, your passions and your goals. We speak openly with you about what to expect from us. Once we have a solid understanding of your vision, we select action items to address in your financial lives.

Consider Options

Together, we determine what investments, insurance plans or estate plans would be most appropriate for pursuing your goals, considering your risk level, age and other factors. We educate and collaborate, evaluating alternatives and weighing the benefits of each option. Knowing that good financial decisions start with good information, we carefully explain the recommendations we believe will help you reach your goals.

Design a plan

After carefully evaluating the benefits of each option, we meet together to create a comprehensive plan designed to achieve your goals. We integrate your concerns, your financial obligations, your values and your aspirations in developing this plan. We may connect with other financial professionals at this point, such as estate attorneys, to incorporate all of the details in your plan.


After a series of meetings to establish your financial plan and path, we meet three times per year to review your financial situation, to discuss changes and make any necessary updates. In addition, we stay in touch with you throughout the year via email, newsletters, and phone calls when needed. We know that life changes all the time, so we create plans that are flexible and adaptable.

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